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A recent report out claims that younger drivers are more likely to see their car insurance jump after getting a ticket, but only 19% of Americans who received a traffic ticket in the past five years are paying more for car insurance as a result, according to online insurance broker This is a decrease from 2013 when 31% of Americans who received a recent traffic ticket saw an increase in their car insurance premium.

"Insurers typically don't know as much about you as you might think," said Laura Adams, senior industry analyst for "Oftentimes, unless you're a young driver, they are unaware of minor tickets and violations you receive on the road."

A new service aims to tell drivers about breakdowns before they happen, and automatically get bids on the repairs from local service shops.

The service, Openbay Connect, uses a smart phone app to read alerts from vehicles' onboard computers. The goal is to present the driver with a diagnosis and a guaranteed price, service time and ratings on repair shops.  

The driver won't "have to lift a finger," Openbay CEO Rob Infantino said. "Openbay Connect will remotely determine cause, cost and availability to perform the repair by local mechanics, answering virtually every driver's need for efficient, affordable auto repair service."

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It’s no coincidence that today, the day after the deadline to file our taxes, is National Stress Awareness Day. Going through and itemizing a years worth of receipts is pretty darn stressful.

We want to provide you with some post-Tax Day relief by making this weekend Bonus Points Weekend! From April 17 - 19 you will get double the points when you report a gas price. Instead of the usual 200 points, it will be worth 400 each (up to five per day). This applies to both mobile and web.

With the extra points, you will double your chances in winning a $100 gas card during the daily GasBuddy drawing.

For our Canadian friends, Tax Day might not be for another two weeks but Bonus Points Weekend applies just the same for you. Consider this a little pre-Tax Day and Stress Day gift.

Low gasoline prices have been great for motorists, but as fuel prices remain low, states are increasingly eager to raise fuel taxes or shift to new taxation policy that will bring in more revenue.

The current pump climate has led politicians on both sides of the aisle to raise fuel taxes- with several states raising them just since the start of 2015. Twenty nine of the fifty states have either recently (since 2014) raised gasoline taxes or changed policy. Of those 29 states, some are talking about changes upcoming.

Here's a list of states looking at increasing fuel tax:

Maybe you've heard about a new business that claims to offer consumers “insurance” for when gas prices go back up. According to a report from CNN Money, the newly launched, is using the same hedging strategies that large companies like FedEx and Southwest rely on.  

For $3.99 per month customers can purchase a gas insurance plan that caps gas prices at $2.75 a gallon (higher in states like California), well above the current national average. If gas prices, as measured by a government index of average retail prices, climb above $2.75, says it would refund customers the difference through PayPal.  

Motorists should be prepared for a modest lift in gasoline prices in the next week after the weekly Energy Information Administration report earlier today showed a much smaller than expected increase in oil inventories and a decline in oil production.

Over the last four weeks, oil inventories have risen an average of 8.4 million barrels a week, according to the EIA's weekly report. The expectation for today's EIA report was also another major rise, but oil prices jumped some $3/bbl after a much smaller increase than expected rallied markets. Additionally, U.S. oil production contracted by 20,000 barrels a day, signalling production may continue to drop in the weeks ahead.

Mazda plans to kick off U.S. sales of the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata with online pre-orders of a special Launch Edition of 1,000 cars starting May 5.

Pre-order registration and information is now available at Mazda dealers will finish the paperwork and deliver the special cars once they arrive.

Starting May 5, buyers who pre-registered at the Web site can return there to place a $500 deposit toward the purchase of the Launch Edition until the 1,000-car allotment is reserved. Full pricing on the Launch Edition will be announced later.

The Energy Information Administration released its weekly report today on the status of petroleum inventories in the United States.

Here are some highlights:

Crude oil inventories increased by 1.3 million barrels (mb) to a total of 483.7 million barrels. At 483.7 million barrels, inventories are 89.6 million barrels above last year (22.7%) and are well above the upper limit of the average range for this time of year.

Gasoline inventories decreased by 2.1 million barrels to 227.9 million barrels. At 227.9 million barrels, inventories are up 17.6 million barrels, or 8.4% higher than one year ago. Here's how individual regions and their gasoline inventory fared last week: East Coast (-1.4mb); Midwest (+0.5mb); Gulf Coast (-0.8mb); Rockies (-0.2mb); and West Coast (-0.2mb). It is important to note which regions saw increases/decreases as this information likely drives prices up (in the case of falling inventories), or down (in the case of rising inventories).

DISTILLATE (diesel, heating oil) INVENTORIES:
Distillate inventories increased by 2.0 million barrels to a total of 128.9 million barrels. At 128.9 million barrels, inventories are up 17.0 million barrels, or 15.2% vs. a year ago.
The FCC has given approval to the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to trial the use of a radar system to monitor and study traffic flow on Interstate 94.

The idea to use radar for traffic monitoring was originally submitted to the agency under its Innovative Idea Program last June. Currently, the proposal is to deploy a traffic detection system that can monitor six lanes of traffic and two overhead bridges from one location.

The objective is to gather accurate traffic and congestion information from the trial, with the collected information to be provided to necessary staff for emergency situations. The information is also to be stored to provide congestion and incident metrics. As a side benefit, the proposed system can also detect lane changes and maneuvers, helping identify driver behavior. 
Introducing GasBuddy Coupons, a new feature that gives you the opportunity to save even more money while at the pump. 

Everyday GasBuddy helps millions of drivers find cheapest gas station to fuel up. Now you can receive additional discounts beyond gas. GasBuddy Coupons will provide you discounts on items such as beverages, snacks and other essentials and can be redeemed at participating gas stations’ convenience stores.

Currently there are nine retailers accepting GasBuddy Coupons, including, BellStores, Common Cents, CornerStore, Fast Stop Market, Mach1, Nice N Easy, On The Run, PS Food Mart and Rutter’s Farm Stores. Participating brands include those from Quaker Oats, Prestige Brands, ConAgra Foods and Twang Partners.

If coupons are available in your area, the "Coupons" icon will automatically appear  on the home screen of your GasBuddy app. New coupons will be available regularly so be sure to check your GasBuddy app often to save on gas and browse a list of available coupons! 

It's the National Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign.  Beginning today, from April 10 to April 15, state and local law enforcement will aggressively ticket drivers who are texting or using their mobile devices when behind the wheel. 

“Distracted driving kills, there is no excuse for it, and it must stop,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “Across the country, we’re putting distracted drivers on notice: U Drive. U Text. U Pay. Texting and driving will at least cost you the price of a ticket but it could very well cost you your life or someone else’s.”

Based on fatal accident reports, NHTSA data shows that at least 3,154 people were killed in crashes involving all distracted drivers in 2013, including those who were texting and driving. NHTSA estimates that 424,000 Americans were injured in all distraction-affected crashes in 2013.

Gasoline prices across the country have fluctuated in the last week, though almost all fluctuations have offset each other, leading the national average to hold steady at $2.39/gal versus a week ago.

There certainly have been some decent sized moves in state averages, however. Delaware, for example, saw a 10c/gal jump in the last week, while Michigan saw a 10c/gal decline. Kentucky jumped 9.4c/gal, Ohio rose 9.1c/gal, Georgia rose 6.5c/gal, and Indiana rose 6.3c/gal. Illinois and California declined 5.7c/gal and 4.9c/gal respectively. Utah rose 4.1c/gal and Wisconsin fell 4.0c/gal, rounding out the top 10 biggest movers versus a week ago. 

Amidst all the talk about gasoline prices, I think there's a few major points no one is remembering, and that is the climate that is gasoline prices- how today's air is crisp, blue and unlike the past five years when clouds made it impossible to feel optimistic about hitting the road for summer.

The Honda Accord and Civic are the two best-selling cars with under-35 buyers over the past 11 years, according to analysis of Honda registration data from IHS Automotive.

How do you explain that? How does one automaker make such an impression with 'Millennials'? The Accord and Civic – which were also the top retail-selling cars in their respective segments in 2013 and 2014 – with combined registrations of more than one million vehicles in the U.S. to "Millennials" from 2004-20141, more than any other two cars across the industry. Either Civic or Accord has held the top spot in retail car sales to under-35 buyers in each of the past 11 years.

It all should have been routine. Portage, Indiana resident DelRea Good said she wanted to pull over in a well lit area because she was concerned for her safety, but Portage County Sheriff's officer William Marshall didn't agree.

Good was pulled over at 11:21pm on March 20 in a dark lit area of Northwest Indiana. Two years ago in a similar area, Portage Police cheered a woman who did not stop for a car that was attempting to pull her over- a man impersonating a police officer was later arrested.

We are excited to introduce GasBuddy Challenges, a new feature that gives you the opportunity to earn more points.

How it works
Everyday at 4am Eastern Time, there will be two new challenges posted in the app. ‘Challenges’ are various tasks like: “Report one Premium price” or “Enter the Daily Prize Draw.” By completing these challenges you can earn between 200-500 extra points per task.

It doesn’t end there! Every Sunday we post a weekly challenge. You will have a weeks-time (obviously) to complete the task and the reward could be upwards to 2,500 extra points.

Challenge accepted?
Challenges is an app-only feature and available for iOS and Android users. To view Challenges, go to the app’s home screen. You will see the Challenges icon located at the bottom right corner. How many extra points will you be able to collect?

What about the web users?
GasBuddy Web Users don’t worry! We have raised the amount of points given from forum posts. Previously when you posted a message on the GasBuddy message forum you earned 20 points. Starting today, we have increased those points from 20 to 100 (with a limit of five post per day).

To learn about all the ways you can rack up points, click here.
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