For today, I've put together some prices of gasoline from around the world!

Netherlands $7.93/gal
Norway $7.77/gal
Denmark $7.59/gal
Germany $7.41/gal
Finland $7.36/gal
Portugal $7.30/gal
Belgium $7.26/gal
Italy $7.26/gal
Sweden $6.74/gal
Ireland $6.57/gal
Austria $6.29/gal
Spain $6.06/gal
Poland $5.96/gal
Bulgaria $5.21/gal
Romania $5.10/gal
Australia $4.65/gal
Canada $3.58/gal
United States $2.65/gal
Russia: $0.78/gal
Venezuela: $0.22/gal

These prices are averages, and not directly confirmed. These prices were accurate as of Monday, November 23, 2009. All prices are listed in dollars per gallon.

As you can likely see, European countries pay much more for gasoline than anyone else in the world, with prices in the Netherlands approaching $8/gal! Fortunately for the countries where gasoline prices are highest, they have excellent public transportation- trains, busses, subways, etc. How do you feel about prices in the U.S. and Canada after seeing this?