The luck of the Irish won’t prevent a drunken driving arrest—or even worse—a crash on St. Patrick’s Day if you drive while impaired. So if you’re planning to celebrate this festive holiday, your plans should include downloading the free Drive Sober app for mobile phones. A free download is available online at Zero In Wisconsin.

As part of the Zero In Wisconsin traffic safety campaign, the Drive Sober app includes:
•A blood alcohol estimator
•A designated driver selector
•A Find-a-Ride feature that uses the phone’s GPS to provide contacts for nearby taxi, mass transit and designated-driver services
•Impairment goggles that show the physical effects of increased alcohol levels

The app has been updated recently to provide more Find-a-Ride transportation options, and it now has a direct connection to a 911 operator to report a drunken driver.

Since the app’s launch one year ago in March 2013, approximately 44,000 people have downloaded it.

No matter what state you live in, understand that you're responsible. Before you start partying, choose a sober designated driver.

If you’re feeling buzzed, you probably are over the legal alcohol limit and should not drive. Take mass transit, a taxicab or ask a sober friend to drive you home. Celebrate safely!