Remember when Cadillacs used to make you say "Wow!"? ...When you could spot a Cadillac anywhere because they were so singularly distinctive?

That was before American luxury car makers started designing cars that mimicked European design, and before European and American luxury cars all started merging into all too safe, and too similar vehicle shapes, sizes and colors. Take the nameplates off these cars and you couldn't tell one from another.

Now, GM is refocusing its efforts on Cadillac, with the hope of reviving its signature luxury brand. They're introducing 10 all-new, or redesigned Cadillacs within the next three years, including a revamped CTS that is currently being built in Lansing.

According to Nathan Boomey of the Detroit Free-Press, GM intends to capture a larger share of the luxury vehicle market and will do that with its all new ATS compact sedan and XTS larger sedan. The ATS is scheduled to reach showrooms within days. When that happens Cadillac will have vehicles in 80 percent of the luxury segments.

The compact ATS is expected to compete against the BMW 3-series and Mercedes C-class. And consumers worldwide had an extensive introduction to the car from an exhaustive ad campaign tied to the Summer Olympics in London.

Additionally, the company says it will make a plug-in hybrid Cadillac ELR that uses technology similar to the Chevy Volt. Cadillac's ELR will be priced less than the $57,400 Model S by Tesla Motor Inc. and is expected to have a greater driving range than the Volt.

Company execs said the ELR is based on the Cadillac Converj conept car, which GM stopped working on last year.

Eric Noble, president of The Car Lab, an automotive consulting firm in Orange, CA, told Bloomberg News that "the one big negative for GM will be selling buyers on a smaller Cadillac and making sure components like suspension and interior parts are superior to the Volt. That's always he problem when you have an architecture that originates in a mainstream brand that you try to take up market."

GM is still developing the ELR coupe and is keeping the lid on details such as price and when the car will be available. Stay tuned!