We've dug up some pretty interesting statistics in regards to gasoline prices, quite timely given that the national average is seeing its largest drop since 2008.

Thanks to thousands upon thousands of spotters, we learned that in the last week:

6% of all U.S. gas stations are selling gasoline under $3.25/gallon. The good news? That percentage will be rising in the days ahead as prices continue to fall.

23% of all U.S. gas stations are now lower than where they were a year ago! That's impressive- many people may not realize this, certainly those in California, but most true in the Great Lakes states. (Lucky them!)

39% of all California stations have dropped more than 25c/gal in the last week alone! California continues to see some of the largest decreases, thanks to the refinery situation having resolved, and the corresponding sharp decrease in wholesale prices.

96% of all U.S. gas stations have lower prices today than they did a week ago. This isn't surprising, but some areas out west just aren't seeing much of a break yet- Montana, Idaho, Wyoming- these states usually lag the national average several weeks and may be in store for drops soon.

8% of all California gasoline stations are back below $4/gal. This should definitely be increasing, percentage wise, in the days upcoming as stations continue to drop prices.

Finally, 2% of gas stations in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin have seen their prices drop by over 50c/gal in the last week! For motorists at 268 stations, you sure are lucky to see such a huge drop!