Everyone who's ever owned a vehicle knows to leave the vehicle in park if automatic, or to apply the e-brake (otherwise known as emergency brake or parking brake) or leave the car in gear in a manual to make sure the car doesn't roll away. I had a situation once where someone in my family left the e-brake off on a steep driveway and we came outside to see the car in the road. Thankfully no one had hit it. The poor fella in this video had the same experience- but he was right next to his car- and didn't notice anything. If you don't see the pictures or link to the video, be sure to visit the GasBuddy blog here for the link to this hilarious video and screen shots of what happened.

This guy and his experience at his local gas station is something he'd love to just forget about. Unfortunately for him the cameras were rolling and captured everything that happened.

The funny part is that the guy pulls up to the station, fills up his 5-gallon jug, and is completely oblivious to what happens next. Without witnesses running to the scene, the guy might not have even figured out where the car went.

I hope he pays a bit more attention when he's out driving. Check out the video here.

Do you have any embarrassing situations that have happened to you at a gas station? I've seen people forget to hang up the gas pump handle and drive off with it! What's the most outrageous thing that you can remember?