Motorists that find themselves in close proximity to Orlando's International Airport rejoice: there's a much more affordable option nearby.

Wawa recently opened a new gas station just down the road from two of the most notorious gas stations in the nation. The two notorious stations have been selling gas at over $5/gallon, preying on motorists returning rental cars to the airport and hiding their prices- and it's been so bad that Orlando's mayor fought them and won in court- yet they continue to sell at prices far higher than nearby competitors.

GasBuddy spotters reported the new Wawa station, at 6500 S Semoran Blvd, as selling gasoline at $2.99/gal last Thursday. The timing was great for motorists just ahead of the Labor Day weekend and lasted until Sunday. Meanwhile, the nearby Sun Gas didn't even flinch, continuing to sell gasoline for $5.59/gallon, a whopping difference of $2.60/gallon, likely the largest difference GasBuddy has seen between stations just a few hundred feet away.

As reported by CSP, Wawa held a promotional event on opening day "focused around providing the Orlando community with some much needed price relief at the pump."

Chris Gheysens, Wawa's president and CEO, spoke about the company's commitment to the community and about providing value pricing for fuel and all Wawa products at every Wawa location.

"Everyone who knows us, understands that our low prices are a big part of our convenience offer, and that we will always do our best to have the most competitive pricing around," said Chris Gheysens, Wawa's president and CEO. "As we've become a part of the Orlando community, we've also become keenly aware that Orlando residents have limited options, specifically around the Orlando airport, to find quality food and fuel at competitive prices, and that local gas stations have been in the spotlight several times for their price gouging and astronomical costs. We're thrilled to be able to help relieve this burden and help all Orlando community members fuel up fairly every time they are at the pump."

Also at the event, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer unveiled a fuel price sign and spoke about how Wawa's new store will give customers much needed price relief.

The new store is Wawa's 25th in Florida, and hopefully, will give motorists a lower priced option near Orlando's International Airport.