Live in a major U.S. metropolitan area? A newly released TomTom study probably isn't shocking news for you, but identifies the worst cities for traffic congestion and how much time motorists waste listening to music that hopefully is soothing to their mental state as they sit in gridlock.
In addition to the headache of traffic, some of these cities even boast some of the highest prices for gasoline, according to GasBuddy, so not only are you stuck going no where, but you're paying a high price to do it.
Without further pause, here's the list, provided by TomTom, who uses extensive calculations and traffic information to compile it:
  1. Los Angeles, CA ($4.15/gal average, via GasBuddy)
  2. Vancouver, BC (150c/L or $5.19/gal average, via GasBuddy)
  3. San Francisco, CA ($4.22/gal average, via GasBuddy)
  4. Honolulu, HI ($4.32/gal average, via GasBuddy)
  5. Seattle, WA ($3.96/gal average, via GasBuddy)
  6. Toronto, ON (138c/L or $4.77/gal via GasBuddy)
  7. San Jose, CA ($4.11/gal average, via  GasBuddy)
  8. New York, NY ($3.94/gal average, via GasBuddy)
  9. Ottawa, ON (133c/L or $4.62/gal average, via GasBuddy)
  10. Montreal, QB (147c/L or $5.11/gal average, via GasBuddy)
It's not a surprise that LA tops the list, as it retained it's #1 from 2012. Vancouver also keeps its #2 title from 2012. The biggest surprise is Honolulu, which wasn't ranked in 2012, as well as San Jose, who was also absent. Other surprises in the top 20 include Portland, OR who was mentioned at #13, as well as New Orleans, LA who came in 14th, neither of which were ranked in 2012.
TomTom looked at data from a total of 63 cities across the globe, but if you think LA has it bad, think of Rio, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo, who took the top three spots globally with nearly double the levels of congestion as LA.
If you're looking to take the traffic out of your commute, you should look at Kansas City or Indianapolis, both of which saw just nearly the same congestion, at 10%, with just 4% occurring on highways. In other words, you can get where you need to go without sitting in smoggy LA style traffic.
To check out TomTom's full report, head this direction.