All the numbers have been thoroughly crunched. The rankings are based on statistics pulled from several sources, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Motorists Association, and Mothers Against Drink Driving. says it has updated its annual state rankings based on fatalities (Rate per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled); Failure to Obey (Traffic Signals + Seat Belts); Drunk Driving; Tickets and Careless Driving.

Who's the worst? Once again, the state with the worst drivers is Louisiana. How bad are they? Their best ranking (for drunk driving) places them 38th in the nation. And their worst ranking (48th for Careless Driving) sealed it for them.

Do you believe the worst drivers are in your home state, or perhaps, the state where you currently reside? Regardless of our opinions, the facts have been gathered and the conclusions are pretty straightforward.

Here are the 10 worst nationwide:

1. Louisiana
2. South Carolina. For 'careless driving' SC ranked 50th.
3. Mississippi. For 'fatalities' MS ranked 47th.
4. Texas drivers ranked 33rd in 'failure to Obey'; 47th for DUI.
5. Alabama ranked 49th for traffic tickets.
6. Florida has a lot of 'careless' drivers. And that's being kind.
7. Missouri and
8. N. Carolina tie as both made huge leaps in carelessness.
9. Montana maintains the worst fatality rate per 100 million miles traveled (this year ranked 51 because we included the District of Columbia), and the Drunk Driving ranking overall.
10. N. Dakota. Drivers continue to take too many chances when sobriety has been compromised.

For the remaining 40 state scores... here's the complete report:
Worst Drivers by State

The data should be reviewed by anyone who wants to know why their auto insurance premiums are going up especially when they haven't submitted a claim in years. The problem may not be YOU. But it certainly could be folks you know who might be better off taking a cab.