As Memorial Day rolls around, GasBuddy receives dozens of inquiries from the press asking how motorists can save money at the pump. Sure there are things that can make minor differences, but every one wants to know- what's the easiest way to save?

Enter GasBuddy, as you may well know, has been around since 2000, powered by millions of volunteer spotters who report prices and help each other save. ABC Nightline recently approached GasBuddy for several tips they could tell motorists about, and loved the GasBuddy app so much, did an entire story!

Remember to follow local laws and ordinances when using the app, and don't drive distracted! Gas prices matter to us too, but your life is more important!

Check out ABC Nightline's report below.

Make sure to share GasBuddy with your family and friends! It can save you hundreds per year, money that should stay in your pocket! Be sure to watch the interview for even more helpful hints- from our own spotters!