Virginia is expediting highway improvements and the state's DOT has just earmarked a $120 million project to rehabilitate 163 lane miles of I-264 and I-64 in the Hampton Roads region. Contracts are scheduled to be awarded by the end of the year, with construction beginning early next year.

In the meantime, VDOT continues to address deteriorating sections of pavement and Governor Bob McDonnell says the new funding package he recently signed provides $1.3 billion in additional funding for transportation improvements throughout the Hampton Roads region.

Hampton Roads is a very 'high profile' region because it covers coastal Virginia and its infrastructure is essential to the state's vibrant tourism business.

"This critical project is made possible by the historic funding package just signed," said Governor McDonnell. "As a result of the bipartisan effort in the General Assembly to increase transportation funding, VDOT has the resources to fully rehabilitate I-264 and I-64 in the southside region of Hampton Roads.

"Motorists will begin to see more activity on the roadway as a result of the new funding," said Transportation Secretary Sean T. Connaughton. "Pavement and bridge restoration is under way statewide and will increase significantly with the new revenue sources."

VDOT Commissioner Greg Whirley added, "VDOT is working aggressively to get projects advertised so improvements can begin as soon as possible. Rehabilitating I-64 and I-264 in the southside is among the top immediate priorities to extend the life of the state's aging highway system and to provide a safer and better driving surface for motorists."

During the past three months, VDOT and its contractor crews have made strides in repairing the aging concrete sections of I-64 and I-264. Currently, VDOT has five active concrete pavement rehabilitation contracts working on those sections. VDOT is also working to expedite contracts to overlay these repaired sections of interstate with a thin layer of asphalt. This thin layer of asphalt is a critical piece of the ultimate overlay of the interstate and will be implemented on several sections of the interstate as early as this fall.

VDOT issued a formal Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to the engineering and construction industry on three new design-build contracts that will overlay the newly rehabilitated concrete with a smooth driving surface, making the road look like new.

Once RFQ packages are received, VDOT will evaluate the submittals and issue a more detailed Request for Proposals (RFP) to a limited number of design-build teams. The three contracts will encompass parts of I-64 and I-264 and each will execute major rehabilitative pavement activities on specific areas of the respective interstates.

These contracts will address the following sections of interstate:
•I-264 from Claiborne Avenue to Broad Creek Bridge
•I-264 from Twin Bridges to Parks Avenue
•I-64 from Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel to Little Creek Road
•I-64 from Little Creek Road to the Twin Bridges

Don't you wish other states could repair highways with the same speed and determination?