Utah motorists know they've been seeing prices above average for quite a while- mostly because of refining issues, such as an explosion last year that took a good portion of gasoline production offline.

However, the AP is reporting that parts of the refinery that exploded may finally re-open in the near future, helping pressure prices lower.

According to the AP, A Utah oil refinery that blew up last year says federal regulators have finished an onsite investigation.

Silver Eagle Refining Inc. says it has regained access to the damaged section of the refinery and is making plans to reopen it.

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board seized control of part of the refinery after a 100-foot fireball erupted last November.

The company resumed refinery operations two months later.

Silver Eagle has been fined more than $1 million by Utah regulators for equipment, safety and record-keeping problems.

The blast damaged dozens of nearby houses. It knocked four refinery workers to the ground, but nobody was injured.