Do you ever wonder why the price at your nearest gas station changes from day to day? 
With summer season in full swing, people across the U.S. are packing up their cars and taking off for vacations, contending with fluctuating fuel prices at gas pumps along the way. In fact, U.S. travelers just paid the highest Fourth of July weekend gas prices since 2008. But what goes into determining the price of gasoline? Who makes those decisions, and when do they get passed on to you, the driver? To understand, you need to consider the whole story.

Futures Fundamentals (, the new online resource aimed at helping educators, students, and the general public understand how markets and commodities impact everyday life, now provides an easy-to-follow road map of how crude oil gets from under the ground to into your tank, and the costs incurred along the way.

Brought to you by CME Group, the world's leading derivatives exchange, the video and interactive infographic on Futures Fundamentals details the Story of Oil from extraction, through transportation and storage, to the global oil marketplace, and eventually into the gas pump at your local station.

Futures Fundamentals, launched earlier this year, also tackles complex topics like mortgage rates and food prices, all in a style that will work for an economics teacher or a novice. Visit Futures Fundamentals today to better understand the market forces in the world around you.