The national average has started to lurch forward in the last few days, being pushed higher by refinery turnarounds and other kinks in both the United States and Canada. At latest check, the U.S. national average is up about 12c/gal in the last week, while in Canada, prices have climbed 3.5c/L.

Already prices in Los Angeles have vaulted forward, in addition to other SoCal areas. I'd be remiss not to include the lucky Great Lakes, who in addition to seeing significant widespread price hikes today, also saw a refinery explosion outside Toledo, Ohio, at a refinery. There is no word on initial damage, but wholesale prices have ticked higher throughout that region on panic of the refinery explosion.

Make no mistake- virtually all villages, towns, and cities will see an impact if they haven't already. The national average could easily tack on an additional 10-15c/gal over the next week, leading to one of the sharpest increases we've seen this early in the year.

The worst increases, comparing the January low to today's price:
Minneapolis/St. Paul, up 56c/gal since 1/9.
Cincinatti, up 47c/gal since 1/17.
Dayton, up 46c/gal since 1/17.
Flint, up 45c/gal since 1/16
Toledo, up 45c/gal since 1/17.
Columbus, up 45c/gal since 1/17.
Grand Rapids, up 41c/gal since 1/16.
Omaha, up 40c/gal since 1/12.