Boasting a new cool roof covering over 25,000 square feet, the U.S. Department of Energy expects to save taxpayers $2,000 per year in reduced energy costs.

This comes after a July announcement by Energy Secretary Steven Chu in which the DOE announced the new program, dubbed the DOE's Cool Roof initiative. He directed his department to install roofs that reduce energy costs when replacing old roofs or when cost effective.

The expected energy savings from the new roof are a result of the roof being constructed from white or light-colored materials that carry special coatings to reflect heat and absorb a lower amount of solar energy. Traditional roofs are dark in color, resulting in higher cooling costs during hot months.

Along with the new roof on the DOE's West Building, construction is also expected to begin on a similar roof for the South Building next spring. Together, the two cool roofs should save taxpayers over $8,000 a year in energy costs.