I've been seeing and hearing about it more and more lately. Gas stations have been experimenting with how to show you how low their prices are- but many times there is a catch, so beware!

Recently, a BP chain of stations local to me started doing with what many of us are already familiar with- advertising a discounted price that either means an additional purchase or using cash. While we ask that you only post credit prices (while noting cash prices in the comments), we know things are different at many stations. I've had to squint sometimes to see the "with car wash" in tiny letters before, but such signs make it even more important to make sure you're posting the non-discounted price.

There's nothing worse in my mind than seeing a low price, thinking you're getting a good deal, then finding out after you turn your car off that the price is actually higher than the sign says. Many times, there is no standard on how stations can show a price. However, if you feel tricked or that the station showed a lower price and baited you in, you could always talk to station management.

How many times have you seen such signs and people reporting a different price? It does happen, and this is why we ask that you stick to reporting the credit/non-discounted price and list the cash price in the comments. The only time you should post the cash price as the primary price is if the station does not accept any plastic at all. Since we're seemingly moving to a cashless society, we ask that you post the credit or non-discounted/non-cash price as primary. Feel free to list the discounted price or cash price... but as a comment, as you're allowed.