Yes, it's true. Toyota is taking its sales pitch where women enjoy one of their favorite pursuits: shopping for stuff they don't need. And there are stores devoted to just that (Bed, Bath & Beyond, for instance. What's the "beyond" for? Because it's beyond all reason; that's why it's called that.) But now Toyota is looking to captivate this lucrative audience and they're investing serious bucks on hour-long infomercials featuring the Prius, Camry, Avalon and Highlander on the Home Shopping Network (HSN).

And frankly, for guys, that's a little scary. You know what I'm talking about: 'Impulse' purchases. Those are two vastly different things for men and women. A guy makes an impulse purchase and we're talking about Slim Jims or maybe a Snickers bar, Lotto tickets, a case of beer.

A woman gets her mind set on 'impulse purchases' and... look out!
She's taking the minivan because she needs that much space to haul it all home. It goes way beyond beads and baubles, clothes and cosmetics, furnishings and footwear...

Those Toyota execs are clever people. USA TODAY's Chris Woodyard reports that Toyota's infomercials hit HSN Sunday to see if it could drum up interest in its hybrid cars.

And, of course, Toyota was thrilled with the results. Spokesman Steve Curtis said they received more requests for product information after the first hour than they had expected to get all day.

HSN says it's the first time in its 34-year history that an automaker pitched its lineup to its audience, which is about 90% female.

Fortunately, Toyota cannot directly sell cars online to HSN viewers because of state dealer franchise laws and other legal issues. But, they got around that... They encourage viewers to call instead to get free coffee mugs and qualify for $1,000 certificates for free gas or HSN shopping credit if they go through with a car purchase.

Listen up fellas... If your wife or girlfriend tells you she just got you a certificate worth $1,000 for free gas, it'll be the most expensive free gas you ever heard of. Consider yourselves warned!