Texting while driving- illegal in many states because of its distracting nature, can kill on roads. Did you ever think that texting while walking could end up with the same fate? Well, if you're Bonnie Miller, you may think that now.

Bonnie Miller, a 45-year-old from Benton Harbor, MI was out walking on a pier Monday night, according to a report from WOODTV in Grand Rapids, texting on her phone while with her husband and 15-year-old son.

I would suspect that due to the delightful rays of sunshine and the warm temperatures lured the couple and their sun to Lake Michigan. However, it was while Miller was texting that she lost her balance and plunged into Lake Michigan, and because of strong currents and clothing, was have trouble remaining afloat.

Two strangers passing by jumped into action (where Miller's husband was is not mentioned in the report), but a resident of Mishawaka, Indiana jumped into the lake until rescuers arrived. A unknown male also assisted, police said.

The woman is expected to make a recovery, while her phone likely will not be. It goes to show that technology can be dangerous, even while not in a car. So don't be like the dozens of people I pass daily in Illinois that illegally text while driving... if you do, one simple miscue on your part could mean the rest of your life behind bars.