It's that time of year, with many motorcyclists flocking back to their bikes after what has been a long, harsh winter across much of the country.

As motorcycles hit roads, motorists need to heed extra caution before pulling out and look twice to save a life, a tag line many rider associations try and remind the car driving public.

Whether it's a ride for charity or an afternoon cruise, bike educators say with the temperatures going up, two-wheeled vehicles are hitting the road again.

"They're just fun. They're a great lifestyle," said Harley Davidson Safety Academy's Rick Bonds.

He says that with that lifestyle comes responsibility for both motorcycle and automobile drivers.

"Most accidents that involve motorcycles and automobiles - the first thing that comes out of the automobile driver's mouth is, 'I never saw him', cause they're not looking for them. They don't expect to see motorcycles out there so they don't see them," said Bonds.

And as gas prices rise, so too do motorcyclist deaths. A recent article by the Philadelphia Inquirer shows how gas prices and motorcyclist deaths are related, and with the national average in the U.S. rising, drivers should be especially aware of riders.