TravelCenters of America LLC announced this week in a press release that it has entered a agreement with Shell to construct and operate a network of natural gas fueling lanes at TravelCenters locations along the U.S. Interstate Highway System.

The agreement provides that Shell will construct at least two natural gas fueling lanes for large over the road trucks and related storage capacity at up to 100 TA and Petro Stopping Center locations, at Shell's cost, within several years. Shell has agreed to supply natural gas fuel to these locations and Shell and TA will separately market natural gas fuel to their respective customers.

"I am pleased to have finalized an agreement between TA and Shell for natural gas fueling. The agreement, for TA, represents a prudent approach to an emerging market. Over time, TA believes natural gas will become a significant fuel for the trucking industry. Both TA and Shell have been working diligently on site selection, and I am hopeful that our first locations may be operational within one year's time."

While the number of CNG powered vehicles has been increasing, it has remained difficult for some motorists to move to CNG based on the limited amount of refueling locations. TA's agreement with Shell certainly will pave the way for more CNG locations nationwide.