Its hard enough to see or remember if speed limits change depending on condition, and many times signs are easily visible and speed limits understood. However, one stretch of road in Michigan features 12 different changes in the speed limit depending not only on the day of week, but the time of day.

The Oakland Press of Pontiac has this story in which drivers complain there isn't enough time to read the times that the speed limit changes as they pass by it.

When I saw a picture of the sign myself, I nearly laughed out loud. How the heck is someone supposed to read that? Should we stop and cause a pile-up just to read it and make sure? A smart parent commented that speed limit signs on the road should be made digital/LED so that they can automatically change so drivers don't have to be completely distracted to stay safe and within parameters of the law.

According to the Oakland Press, "Police Chief Ed Harris says a meeting is being called with the White Lake Township supervisor, the school district and the county road commission about the sign. Harris says the township didn’t put it up but is trying to resolve the matter."

Yipes- I guess so. This is one of those moments where you ask "who's the idiot who even thought this was a great idea?" Time to fix the silliness here so that kids can be safe, and drivers don't have to remember to read the sign that shows the timely change in speed limits.

Speed Limits on said road:
12am-6:48am 45mph
6:49a-7:15a 25mph
7:16a-7:51a 45mph
7:52a-8:22a 25mph
8:23a-8:36a 45mph
8:37a-9:07a 25mph
9:07a-2:02p 45mph
2:03p-2:33p 25mph
2:34p-3:03p 45mph
3:04p-3:34p 25mph
3:35p-3:58p 45mph
2:59p-4:29p 25mph
4:30p-11:59p 45mph

Now, remember it folks- or you could be ticketed!