It’s the last month of summer, and while some may be focused on getting ready to go back to school some are trying to get one last trip squeezed in before the cooler weather hits. The best trip to take is one with the open road. If you’re planning on taking a road trip this month, follow our tips below to make sure you save as much money as possible along your journey!

1.     Watch those state lines!

Gas prices can change drastically just by crossing into a different state since gas taxes vary. Average gas taxes in Illinois are over 60c/gal. In Missouri, average taxes are just 35c/gal, and many times just crossing a state line you’ll either see much lower or much higher prices, so hone in on where to fill up before hand to save easy money! Other states lines where there’s a big difference: CA/NV, CA/AZ, WA/ID, MI/OH, IN/OH, WV/VA, FL/AL, NY/NJ, VT/NH, NC/SC, WI/IA, KY/MO, PA/NJ.

2.     BONUS Tip

When you get close to a state line, fire up the GasBuddy app and use the map feature to go scope out prices near the state line- if prices are cheap, fill up, and save the money for other vitals during your trip!

3.     Pack your food

Instead of eating every meal at a restaurant, pack your favorite snacks for breakfast and lunch – then treat yourself to some local spots along you journey. The money you save on two meals certainly adds up! Be sure to keep a few protein bars and extra water bottles in case you decide to go for a hike and need the extra nutrition!

4.     BONUS Tip

Store a 5-10 gallon water cooler in your trunk, or backseat, to keep you hydrated along your journey! When you need to fill up on water purchase them by the gallon at any local grocery store. They tend to cost around $1 per gallon.

5.     Plan ahead with the GasBuddy Trip Cost Calculator

If you know the route you plan to take in advance, use the GasBuddy Trip Cost Calculator ( to identify the cheapest places along the way to fill up. This will help save extra money, and time!

6.     Buy a prepaid gas card at a discount

Buy a prepaid gas card! Sometimes, stations like Marathon and Murphy Express stations offer a $50 gas card for a discount, meaning you pay a few dollars less but still get $50 worth of fuel.

7.     Get that check engine light taken care of!

Not only could that check engine light lead to unexpected problems with your car and expensive towing bills, but it can also rob you of gas mileage, so be sure before you hit the road to make sure your car is ready to handle it and so you get the maximum efficiency out of every gallon of gas!

8.     Take a vehicle where you can sleep inside

If you have the ability to take a vehicle where you can sleep comfortably inside, do it! This will save money on purchasing a tent, and perhaps even helping you sleep a bit better without some nasty bugs! If you are able to sleep in your car, try and fit the mattress of a futon on the bottom for added comfort!

9.      Stay active with your fellow GasBuddies on our Facebook and Twitter pages

You never know when you may be in need of a free local attraction while in town. Reach out to your fellow GasBuddies on our Facebook and Twitter channels and get tips on what you should!

10.    Remove excess weight from your car

Have lots of junk in your car? Forget to unpack it all since your last road trip? Each 100lbs of stuff you drive around with reduces your fuel efficiency about 1 MPG. Pack lighter or remove that extra fluff and go further every gallon!

Drive safe GasBuddies!