Whoops! Cars filling up in Hamilton, NJ left a Lukoil station not with regular gasoline but aviation jet fuel. According to the Associated Press, authorities closed Lukoil at 2515 Brunswick Pike in Lawrence, Express Fuel at 2482 South Broad Street in Hamilton, and Lukoil at 1070 White Horse Avenue in Hamilton after discovering that jet fuel was being dispensed instead of regular.

Mercer County spokeswoman Julie Willmot says the stations will remain closed until all underground storage tanks, lines and filters are emptied and cleaned. State officials are investigating how the mistake happened. Also, several cars stalled on Friday when a gas station in Keyport and one in Manasquan unknowingly pumped jet fuel into their tanks.

A Lukoil station on Route 71 in Manasquan also received the delivery of jet fuel, reports the Asbury Park Press. An employee at the Keyport station blamed the fuel distributor. The engines of drivers who filled up with the wrong fuel in Keyport seized up about 100 feet after driving off.

Unfortunately, running jet fuel through a vehicle will mean the costly and time consuming task of draining the incorrect fuel, cleaning the system, and filling up with gasoline. It is not yet known who is at fault for this mistake, but I expect it to be a pretty costly one. Lucky for the at-fault party, officials determined the error relatively quickly.