It's going to be a hot topic in 2014: motor gasoline taxes. Already, some in Congress have called for a 15-cent per gallon rise in federal gasoline taxes, and some states could see jumps in their state gas taxes as well- so who's going to shell out the most?

Many motorists saw state gasoline taxes change already in 2013:
Arizona, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington DC, and Wyoming all saw their state gasoline taxes change. Two states saw automatic changes: North Carolina and Georgia.

And as folks ring in 2014, Pennsylvania will be raising its gasoline tax, and it's sure to hit motorists at the pump rather quickly.

John J. Reilly, president of Reilly & Sons in Exton, said distributors like his cannot just absorb the cost of doing business.

"Unfortunately, if it's going to go up 10 cents, it's going to go up 10 cents to people we supply," Reilly said. "Nobody can eat a penny today, much less 10 cents."

Sheetz Inc., which supplies fuel to over 230 gas stations and convenience stores it owns in Pennsylvania, said it would pass along the higher wholesale tax to motorists.

"Our margins are extremely minimal with gasoline, and any increase in cost, like any other product, ultimately gets passed on in the retail price," spokeswoman Monica Jones said.

States that are looking at, raising, adjusting, or have already tried to adjust their gasoline tax in 2014 include Iowa, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Utah, and Washington.

For those not on either list, here's a list I compiled of the status of other states not already listed for chances of a gasoline tax hike:

Alabama- Minimal chance
Arkansas- Sales tax instead
Colorado- Sales tax instead
Delaware- Gas tax "very unlikely"
Idaho- Possible
Indiana- None
Kansas- None
Louisiana- None
Maine- Discussion
Mississippi- Discussion
Missouri- Sales tax instead
Montana- Killed
Nevada- Some counties, others on table
New Jersey- Unlikely
New Mexico- None
Ohio- Unlikely
Oklahoma- Unlikely
Rhode Island- Unlikely
South Carolina- Killed
Tennessee- Unlikely
Texas- Killed
West Virginia- None
Wisconsin- Possible

We're also tracking, in this election year, the possibility as mentioned above of Congress raising the federal gas tax, which hasn't been touched since the Clinton era.