It's a law so simple to follow- yet so aggravating for traffic that is moving faster- that laws exist to make sure its kept to a minimum. Slower traffic keep right. Trucks many times are assigned to the right lanes to keep faster moving traffic flowing smoothly. But for one Maryland woman, she found out the hard way these laws exist.

The driver, who told the media she didn't want to disclose her name, was shocked for being cited for driving 63mph in a zone of highway marked 65mph. The driver told local NBC affiliate News4 that she was driving in the left lane of I-95 in Laurel last Friday when she was pulled over and cited for failing to move right.

According to the ticket, two miles per hour under the speed limit in the left hand. The citation read, "Failure of driver, driving below speed limit, 63 in a 65, to keep right."

The woman who got the ticket said she'd never been cited before — but on Friday, she said, she had to slow down due to heavy winds.

"Sometimes when it's dangerous, you have to do what you can to stay safe," she said.

The woman failed to explain in the news story why any of this prevented her from moving to the right lane, or at least moving over so that other traffic could move ahead.

AAA Mid-Atlantic, part of the AAA organization, came out in defense of the slow driver that impeded traffic, "The reason [the ticket] is silly is because it's sending the wrong message, and that is, 'We will tolerate you driving at more than the speed limit, but it you drive below the speed limit, then you're penalized for that'," said AAA's John Townsend.

What do all of our Buddies say to this? Cheers or jeers to the trooper who cited the woman?