It feels good to see falling gasoline prices... motorists love it, gas stations love it (yes, you read that right!), so who's singing the Thanksgiving blues? I mean, no one should- gas prices have fallen nicely the last few weeks, right? Well, you're kind of right. But since we have short term memory, we won't remember that even with falling pump prices, you'll still be spending the most you ever have to drive to Grandma's for turkey and fixings.

In contrast to motorists feeling the Thanksgiving blues (sorry for that dose of reality, but after seeing how much reality you watch on television, I thought you'd be ready to handle it, so gripe away!), you have gasoline stations that are dancing in the streets. You see- while wholesale prices have fallen- gasoline prices in some states just haven't fallen much. I was reminded of this on the way in to work this morning. The BP station near my house was advertising regular at $3.799 per gallon, the exactly same price it was last week, the week before, a month ago, and even two months ago, even as their price has fallen. Highway robbery.

So who's seeing the biggest jumps in gas prices vs. last Thanksgiving and what we expect this year?

Colorado- 2010: $2.64. 2011? $3.33. Difference: 69c/gal.
Oregon- 2010: $2.99. 2011? $3.61. Difference: 62c/gal.
Wyoming- 2010: $2.76. 2011? $3.37. Difference: 61c/gal.
Hawaii- 2010: $3.51. 2011? $4.12. Difference: 61c/gal.
California- 2010: $3.13. 2011? $3.72. Difference: 59c/gal.

Who's seeing the smallest rise vs. last Thanksgiving?
New Mexico- 2010: $2.69. 2011? $2.99. Difference: 30c/gal.
Minnesota- 2010: $2.84. 2011? $3.15. Difference: 31c/gal.
New Jersey- 2010: $2.84. 2011? $3.19. Difference: 35c/gal.
Ohio- 2010: $2.84. 2011? $3.19. Difference: 35c/gal.
Delaware- 2010: $2.91. 2011? $3.26. Difference: 35c/gal.

Don't see your state here? The average jump in price this Thanksgiving will be 47c/gal. That's right- even *with* gasoline prices falling a nice amount, they'll still be nearly 47 cents per gallon higher than last year. Forget it, who cares. Either way and no matter what gasoline prices are, I'll be singing tunes my entire trip back to Michigan with my Golden Retriever joining me shotgun. Gasoline could be $5 and I'd still make the trip. And apparently, a lot of Buddies share that sentiment with me.