In a sign of the times of rising gasoline prices, a GasBuddy member has sent us one of his recent releases, dubbed "Gas Guzzling SUV". With gasoline prices likely to continue to climb, Dennis' song reminds us of how painful prices are.

Which reminds me- I continue to see people trading in their cars for larger vehicles- are some folks still unaware that gasoline prices will continue to rise as the economy gets better? Let's make sure everyone is warned. Not only that, but the more folks driving SUVs and trucks, the more our demand for gasoline and oil increases, helping push prices higher.

Check out the new song, "Gas Guzzling SUV" on the website that Dennis has- To listen to a short preview clip of the song, click here for the Gas Guzzling SUV song.

For those who enjoy music, I think you'll love this new tune. I'm already singing the beat!