By now most of us have probably heard from our auto insurance providers telling us that if we install a device in our car that monitors our driving it might qualify us for an insurance discount...

Now, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says speed alert devices, which might give you visual or audible alerts while you're driving, can be effective in reducing speeding when combined with coverage incentives.

With the IIHS blessing, that means insurance companies are likely to push you to install and activate these devices that allow them to monitor your driving, caution you to reduce your speed, and even make it harder for you to accelerate at certain times!

It's Big Brother's arrival... all in the name of safety. IIHS says it looked at several studies involving the technology, called intelligent speed adaptation (ISA), which in some cases uses GPS to locate a vehicle, gets speed limit data for the area its being driven in and notifies the driver in a range of ways if he or she exceeds the speed limit.

Most ISA systems employ visual or audible alerts about speeding. Other types of ISA systems use “haptic alerts” that harden the accelerator and makes it more difficult for a motorist to depress the pedal, while intervention systems automatically decelerate cars by reducing engine throttle, according to the IIHS.

While it's customary for commercial vehicles to use speed-limiting devices known as 'governors', ISA systems have not yet been adapted in private vehicles.

But, when you consider the times in which we live, when we have a government that loses billions of dollars delivering the mail yet thinks it can succeed in delivering healthcare... we should not be surprised if the nanny-state gives insurance companies the green light for yet another intrusion on personal privacy.

Your thoughts?