In Sonoma County Calif., the California Highway Patrol will write you a ticket for most moving violations we all know, but they'll add an additional ticket --intended to reduce distracted driving-- if your tailgating occurred while you were chomping down on a Big Mac.

The distracted driving law gives police the discretion to write a ticket for the "secondary offense" of eating while driving... And in Huron, SD, you'll also be in trouble if you're 'eating while driving' contributed to your distraction.

Since last December, Sonoma authorities have decided that they'll ticket motorists who are eating, reading a newspaper or putting on makeup while driving. That donut you bought 'to go' could cost you $100 there if you're caught.

Believe it or not, there's a growing list of municipalities that are considering similar measures and some states (Ohio, for one,)
are considering expanding the law to reduce distracted driving and the resulting crashes and injuries.

But, are they going too far? Should a city or state be able to dictate that you cannot drink a cup of coffee --which might help you stay alert while driving-- or have something to eat when you're hungry?

I don't know if we need a concerted effort to avoid eating while driving but for now let's just agree to pull over if you have to eat something.

Believe it not, put together a list of the "10 Most dangerous foods and beverages while driving". These can all cause a mess and it's cleaning up the mess, usually, that takes your eyes off the road.

10. Chocolate.
9. Soft drinks.
8. Jelly and cream-filled or powdered donuts.
7. Fried chicken.
6. Any barbecued food.
5. Juicy hamburgers.
4. Chili.
3. Tacos.
2. Hot soups. Think Campbell's 'Soup To Go.'
1. Coffee.

Of course. Avoid the mess and avoid the stress!