A shooter is on the loose in Michigan, targeting motorists traversing near a major thoroughfare, and State Police are worried that more shootings could occur in the days ahead.

Shootings have already occurred, and while there haven't been many major injuries, police are worried that the shooter is aiming to cause mayhem. Michigan State Police have already beefed up patrols in parts of the I-96 corridor, in hopes of finding the shooter should calls start coming in to 911.

The shooter so far has put bullets in 24 vehicles, even wounding one motorist with a shot to the buttocks while he was driving, leaving him feeling a sharp pain, only to find out he was soaking in blood.

State Police are aiming to quell concerns from motorists heading to college football games being played on the campuses of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, just south of I-96, and Michigan State University in East Lansing, also close to I-96.

The loose gunman has also caused school districts to change the route that their school buses take, not knowing when the shooter may strike again. According to a news story by Grand Rapids NBC affiliate WOODTV, "State officials say it appears, at least anecdotally, that fewer cars have been using I-96 since the shooting spree began, though there's no official count. Up to 125,000 vehicles usually traverse that portion of I-96 each day."

ABC News adds, "Since mid-October, 24 vehicles have been hit by bullets along a stretch of I-96. Until Saturday, no one had been hurt, but authorities fear there's a serial shooter out there with deadly intentions.

Former FBI agent and ABC News consultant Brad Garrett said the seeming randomness of the shooting is perilous."

Motorists should always be aware of loud noises and if driving in this corridor, immediately call 911.