Millions of Americans will soon be, or already have, hit the roads for the last major holiday of the summer- Labor Day. What are some of the best tips to save money while driving hundreds of miles? We share!

#1: Use GasBuddy! GasBuddy offers a trip cost calculator that will take into consideration your vehicle type and plot a route that will either get you there faster, or help you save money on the way! The trip cost calculator utilizes our powerful database of gas stations and helps you not only reach your destination, but get there cheaper, directing you to the areas where gasoline prices are cheapest, even telling you where and when to stop and how much gas to buy. Savings may be significant.

#2: Avoid getting off the highway unless there's a major truck stop/travel stop. A smaller gas station won't be as competitive, especially if there are no other options nearby. Fill up when you see a major truck stop, such as Love's, and other gas stations at the same exit. Big chains tend to be very competitive already, and having other station options also keeps prices lower due to even more competition.

#3: Watch the state lines! Crossing a state line can mean paying 30-cents more per gallon, or waiting can yield you a 30-cent savings per gallon. Be mindful when driving between Missouri and Illinois (fill in Missouri!), also fill in Ohio if coming from a neighbor, fill in New Jersey if in a neighbor, fill in South Carolina, fill in New Hampshire. Why? Gasoline taxes vary in virtually every state. The biggest advantages are in New Jersey and Missouri, so if you're traveling near those two states, plan to fill up there before leaving.

#4: Track your fuel mileage (Use GasBuddy's Fuel Logbook!). Make sure you're getting what you're supposed to. If you aren't getting good mileage, it could be costing you significantly! If a car that's supposed to get 30 MPG highway is only getting 25MPG, it could be costing you an additional 60-cents per gallon! Make sure to clear out the trunk if not used, adding weight reduces fuel economy. Only use the A/C when necessary, as it also robs fuel economy.

#5: Follow the GasBuddy blog. It will keep you aware of situations that may arise that keep prices higher, where to expect savings, and everything gas price related.

Drive safe out there, everyone, and have a fantastic weekend!