If you're heading out of town for this Thanksgiving, remember that fuel savings are just a click away with GasBuddy! Let me briefly let you know how you can save money at the pump before you leave or even if you aren't around a computer.

If you do have time before you leave, chart your trip using the GasBuddy Trip Cost Calculator. We ask simple questions- your make and model, how full your tank is, where you're going, and how many stops you want to make. We'll then tell you the cheapest stations along your route- make sure to print it and take it with you! While gas prices will likely change, you'll still know what they were before hand and if you're getting a good deal or whether to keep looking. Using the Trip Cost Calculator and your cell phone could be a powerful tool, which leads me to the next tool.

GasBuddyToGo.com! A very simple interface that allows you to see prices by City, State, or Zip code! You choose what grade of gasoline you want (Regular, Midgrade, Premium, or Diesel), and your phone's web browser will flash up the cheapest stations in that area. This way you know the best deal in the area and can judge if the station you're at is a good price.

Text Message! Send a text message to 368266 containing "gasbuddy" then the zip code or city/state as the body of the message, such as "gasbuddy los angeles, ca" or "gasbuddy 90210". Send the message away, and get a response in just a few moments! This is free from GasBuddy, but standard text rates may apply.

iPhone! GasBuddy for iPhone lets you easily find the cheapest station around you, with detailed information. You can even report prices where you are and earn GasBuddy points! Check it out at the iTunes store!

There are many options to use to make sure you spend less at the pump this Thanksgiving, so make sure to check out the options. A dollar saved at the pump means a dollar more to save or spend this holiday season on something or someone you love!