The available storage was impressive. The center console easily fit a few Arizona iced tea drinks, and surprisingly, when I removed an extra drink in the console after the car baked in the sun for a few hours- it was still room temperature. I had hoped it hadn't exploded- but my fears were apparently completely unfounded. The trunk was a perfect size as well. I could have fit luggage for 2-4 people in the back, depending on the contents.

The exterior of the Edge was sharp. Ford managed a slight redesign of the Edge in 2011, and the front end looks very sharp, as does the rest of the vehicle. The 18-inch wheels complimented the vehicle well, and looked very nice. And while I'm not typically a fan of chrome, the front grille blended in nicely with the Ginger Ale color that graced this Edge.

Should you buy it?
The 2012 Ford Edge is a very nice all around vehicle with excellent interior room, comfortable ride, and perhaps most importantly- great fuel economy for an SUV. If you're looking for an SUV with such features, the Edge is certainly a good bet. With the amount of options available- you could really go to town with making this ride personalized. If you aren't all about the technology or it confuses you- maybe the Edge isn't quite the right fit. Or, you may want to ask your son or grandson to help you figure things out. Let's face it- the technology is here to stay.

Next up: We'll be telling you about our time with a Chevrolet Volt.