Ford Edge
Imagine a vehicle with 6-cylinder performance but with fuel efficiency of a 4-cylinder. Imagine a comfortable vehicle that syncs effortlessly with your smartphone, and has the room to carry 5 passengers and luggage. All from a sharp looking mid-sized crossover from Ford: the 2012 Ford Edge.

The Ford Edge, in production since the 2007 model year, recently got a new engine option which we demoed. The EcoBoost engine- an impressive display of power and great fuel economy wrapped into one balanced powerplant that when perched in the Ford Edge net over 30 MPG highway- a hard feat for an SUV.

The Ford Edge is based on the same platform as the popular Ford Fusion, completely separate from the platform of the Ford Explorer. Redesigned for the 2011 model year, the Edge looks sexy and performs as well as it looks, and then some, with optional panoramic glass roof, Ford Sync, and countless other great features that come standard. The Edge comes in a variety of flavors- SE, SEL, and Limited and Sport trims.

Car and Driver summed up my thoughts well
“The Edge provides ample room for five, a comfortable and well-appointed interior, more horsepower, and nearly carlike handling and fuel economy.”
Performance- Engine/Suspension

The Ford Edge, with optional 240hp/270tq EcoBoost in place, netted us 30.7MPG highway, slightly better than the sticker rated at 30MPG for the 2.0l turbo powerplant. Having a turbocharged vehicle myself that actually gets very similar mileage, I was surprised that the SUV actually stuck true to its sticker- at least in this limited test run. Equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission is likely another reason for the good fuel economy. The vehicle was fun to drive, and the power from the turboed 2.0l was slightly better than I had expected.
Ford Edge
The 2.0l engine nets just slightly less horsepower and torque compared to the next larger 3.5l engine, which makes 285hp and 253tq. Ford quotes that the turbocharger in the EcoBoost is designed for 150,000 miles, and having a turbo in my own vehicle, this really isn't a concern at all. We liked the feel of the Edge's suspension, especially as it devoured a off-road rocky trail as I ascended to a cottage near Lake Michigan.

The interior of the Edge was certainly a wow factor. I was giddy when I jumped in the Edge for the first time looking at the MyFordTouch display screen prominently in the center stack. The pixel-heavy (that's a compliment) 8-inch screen has a learning curve, but with my inner nerd, I navigated menus easily, and synced my iPhone to the device in seconds, then started playing my iTunes music over the 12 Sony speakers. The additional two 4.2-inch that encompassed the speedometer were also impressive. I felt like I was navigating a car of the future- I could control almost every aspect of the electronics using the steering wheel. I could talk, change songs on my iPhone, make a call, change the passenger's climate, you name it. The one thing that was a little frustrating was the slow response to my input, especially trying to enter a destination via the navigation. It took a solid 15 minutes to attempt and finally have my destination entered. Perhaps I'll still have to use the iPhone for something.
Ford Edge

The available storage was impressive. The center console easily fit a few Arizona iced tea drinks, and surprisingly, when I removed an extra drink in the console after the car baked in the sun for a few hours- it was still room temperature. I had hoped it hadn't exploded- but my fears were apparently completely unfounded. The trunk was a perfect size as well. I could have fit luggage for 2-4 people in the back, depending on the contents.

The exterior of the Edge was sharp. Ford managed a slight redesign of the Edge in 2011, and the front end looks very sharp, as does the rest of the vehicle. The 18-inch wheels complimented the vehicle well, and looked very nice. And while I'm not typically a fan of chrome, the front grille blended in nicely with the Ginger Ale color that graced this Edge.

Should you buy it?
The 2012 Ford Edge is a very nice all around vehicle with excellent interior room, comfortable ride, and perhaps most importantly- great fuel economy for an SUV. If you're looking for an SUV with such features, the Edge is certainly a good bet. With the amount of options available- you could really go to town with making this ride personalized. If you aren't all about the technology or it confuses you- maybe the Edge isn't quite the right fit. Or, you may want to ask your son or grandson to help you figure things out. Let's face it- the technology is here to stay.

Next up: We'll be telling you about our time with a Chevrolet Volt.