It's Friday! I've been lacking in terms of fun things before the weekend, and we just opened our GasBuddy Flickr account, and we're waiting for YOU to post some awesome pictures! (To see the pictures, make sure you check the blog)

We already have a couple pictures posted and for today's blog, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures so that we all can feel good before seeing gas prices on the commute home later today.

prices made it down to $1.50. To get lower than that, we need to go all the back to the early 2000s and late 1990s. Pretty amazing how in the last five years gas prices have gotten out of control.

I'm sure there are more of you out there that have some great pictures of gas prices back in the day- there have to be! If you have any pictures, be sure to upload them to our GasBuddy Flickr account and share the memories with others!

As we enter this weekend, the U.S. average has risen to $2.70, while prices in Canada are 102c/L. We can expect prices to rise a penny or two in the states and rise 1c/L in Canada.

We're also working on a new YouTube GasBuddy channel! Have any interviews that you were in covering GasBuddy or gas prices? Upload your video today and be ready to share it when our channel is ready to rock! We may even use creative and well done entries and feature them right here on the blog.

Last minute- GDP data for the United States was revised higher today, to nearly six percent for the forth quarter of 2009. This has provided oil and gasoline room to climb higher- after all, even with no jobs, people will drive (sarcasm). Have a great weekend!