It's been far too long since I've done a refinery status update, that is updating you on the condition of U.S. refineries (what facilities are undergoing maintenance, etc.)

Here's are some of refineries undergoing work with necessary information. These aren't huge situations, and many times the refinery will not disclose specifics or time to restoration of their plants. Currently, I do not see any of these outages impacting gasoline prices.

Refinery, location:

Conoco- Rodeo, CA- leak and fire occurred January 30, no known information on loss of production or when repairs would be made.

Citgo- Corpus Christi, TX- fire on January 31. Company would not disclose information on loss of production.

ExxonMobil- Baton Rouge, LA- Unit shut February 7 after leak detected. No further information on return to production.

Motiva- Norco, LA- Upset causing emissions reported February 13.

Sunoco- Philadelphia, PA- Crude unit shut February 1 for two weeks. Work to conclude in Q1 2011.

Tesoro- Mandan, ND- fire in furnace in mid-January, company would not disclose more information

Valero- Aruba- Tank collapse February 2 caused pipe damage, leading to entire shutdown of plant. Repairs in progress, no estimated time of restart.

Valero- St. Croix- fire reported, no further details.