Just as some newspapers took to the press across the nation, gas prices shot up in areas of the Midwest yesterday. While some communities are seeing and enjoying falling prices, that certainly isn't true in parts of the country.

For those highway travelers- beware... many stations with a close proximity to major roads raise their prices slightly to make sure their margin is healthy. What that means for you- you'll have to be smart to avoid those stations, and what better way to outsmart them by using our GasBuddy apps and mobile site to beat the stations raising prices?

Beyond that, this Labor Day weekend will feature average prices that are slightly over a dime more expensive than last year. In 2009, prices over the long weekend fell with no major spikes. Unfortunately this year prices will be anything but reliable with some communities seeing higher prices while some will see lower prices.

The best advice will be to delay gasoline purchases until the latter part of the weekend- Sunday or Monday. Prices typically continue to fall over the weekend. If you can wait even longer, prices look to fall a few pennies by early next week as Earl spared much of the refining capacity on the East Coast, giving the oil industry a break from closing or reducing output.

Have a great holiday weekend from all of us at GasBuddy! Safe travels- we'll see you back here next Tuesday.