Unfortunately, it doesn't appear our cries to the government have worked. AP sources this morning say that the EPA is expected to approve the use of E15 (15% ethanol in gasoline), up from the current maximum of E10 (10% ethanol in gasoline).

Motorists should be furious. Essentially, what this means is that we may get hosed in the near future. Ethanol, as we all know, doesn't contain the same amount of energy that gasoline does. Adding more ethanol to your gasoline is likely to result in even lower fuel economy than before, rendering your window sticker from the vehicle manufacturer, incorrect when it states fuel mileage.

Futhermore, you'll basically be paying more because you'll drive fewer miles on the same amount of gasoline. In addition, it will mean that more corn must be harvested to produce the ethanol, which could signal a rise in food prices as it pushes corn prices higher, feed that cattle ranchers use higher, and could mean other commodities rise as well.

This is the time when motorists need to join forces collectively and completely reject E15 gasoline by not purchasing a drop. In the future, when and if E15 moves towards pumps, we'll simply have to begin asking station owners what type of fuel they're buying.

I'm not buying into lower fuel economy at the same price. You shouldn't stand for it either.

From the AP:

WASHINGTON -- The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to approve blending higher concentrations of ethanol into gasoline for newer vehicles, allowing mixtures with up to 15 percent of the corn-based fuel at the pump.

The current maximum blend is 10 percent. The EPA is planning to announce the increase Wednesday for vehicles manufactured since 2007, according to people with knowledge of the announcement. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the decision.