A drunk man in Indianapolis, Indiana recently decided to steal a vehicle from Walmart and fly down city streets- at six miles per hour- from the electric scooter he stole, according to WTHR.

Marcus Degraphenreed was arrested yesterday morning after police found him riding around on a stolen electric scooter, meant for disabled Walmart customers, at 4am in an Indianapolis suburb.

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of this goofy story is that Marcus paraded around city streets in balmy weather- featuring an air temperature of 18 degrees, with a windchill making it feel like just ten degrees.

Degraphenreed now faces drunk driving charges, which on a 6-mph electric scooter should garner some laughter in private from Degraphenreed's defender. The joy ride lasted an approximate 60 minutes, as officers found him six miles away from the Walmart store in question. With a top speed of 6 miles per hour, he obviously wasn't in a hurry to get away.

The scooter likely has already been returned to Walmart and is being prepared for re-entering duty, likely having seen its most exciting moments in the time that Degraphenreed chose it as his vehicle.