A near death experience for a seasoned state trooper has brought the trooper to request that motorists and truckers recognize what is a law in nearly all states: move over for emergency vehicles, or slow down.

Earlier this summer, Trooper David Avila was seriously injured on when a tractor-trailer driving too close to the shoulder rammed his patrol car and then hit him as he was making a routine traffic stop on Interstate 70 in Washington County, Maryland.

According to Move Over America, 49 states have laws requiring motorists to either move over, or reduce their speed if they can't move over. The only state that doesn't have such a law is Hawaii.

In the last 10 years, well over one hundred troopers have been killed in such accidents, with many more dozens injured when cars or trucks slam into police or emergency vehicles.

According to WBAL, officials said the truck driver paid a fine for breaking the move-over law, but Avila is paying a much higher price. Doctors said they don't know when he will be able to fully move his right arm again or return to work.

Please keep the men and women who practice public safety SAFE! Move over immediately if you see emergency lights, and allow other motorists to get in front of you even if it means slowing down.