Some cars exemplify luxury; some stand for fuel efficiency and perhaps no vehicle is tied more closely to budget-watching fuel economy than the Honda Civic.

The new Civic was introduced last week at the Los Angeles Auto Show and early reviews are strong, noting that Honda has made a series of cosmetic updates to the interior and exterior... Dan Gearino from the Columbus Dispatch says the car has a less choppy ride and less road noise too.

The vehicle is getting positive reviews for a quick turnaround redesign that Honda launched after the 2012 model, despite strong sales, was deemed less than impressive by most auto experts. Perhaps the greatest criticism of the 2012 model, Gearino says, is that its interior felt cheap, especially when compared to newer models from competitors.

Jessica Caldwell, a senior analyst with, says she sees nothing but upside with the 2013 Civic. "The new Civic should not only keep Honda loyalists in the family, but gain new shoppers that may be considering other brands," she said.

Honda typically waits three years after a major redesign, Gearino says, before the kind of update it did with the Civic. In this case the company managed the update in less than two years.

And perhaps best of all, the 2013 Civic has a starting price of $18,165 for the four-door version.

For America's best selling compact car, Gearino notes with pride that the engine is made in Anna, OH and the transmission is made in Russells Point, OH. Additionally, the Civic has parts from more than 70 Ohio-based suppliers.