Ohio is the latest state whose Dept. of Transportation is launching the State Farm Safety Patrol.  State Farm's sponsorship of the former Freeway Service Patrol program offers roadway assistance to motorists in need. Here's the best news: it's free. And the collaboration provides a supplemental funding source for the highly effective traffic management program.

"This new innovative agreement will allow ODOT to generate sponsorship dollars over several years that we can ultimately use to help build some of the large transportation projects communities throughout the state tell us they want and need," said ODOT Director Jerry Wray.

The sponsorship agreement allows ODOT to reduce delays and improve safety for the motoring public without requiring additional tax dollars. State Farm has committed to sponsor the program for at least four years.

Ohio is now the 12th state to partner with State Farm. Others include: MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA, FL, GA, IN, IL, KS, and LA.

As part of the sponsorship program all State Farm Safety Patrol vehicles will receive an updated look with enhanced, highly-reflective safety markings to make the vehicles more visible to motorists especially at night. The State Farm logo will be added to the State Farm Safety Patrol trucks, on patrol operator uniforms; on Safety Patrol roadway signage that offers motorists 511 info and identifies covered routes.

In addition to assisting motorists, the State Farm Safety Patrol program helps improve traffic flow and reduces congestion caused by stalled vehicles, while at the same time providing comfort and safety to those who are stranded.

Have you seen the State Farm Safety Patrol vehicles in your state?  State Farm's Angie Rinock says they're looking to expand the program into additional states this year.  That's good news. It's an excellent public-private partnership of sorts that just might benefit you when you most need it. Let's hope you won't!