Another miserable week at the pump for motorists across the nation as the U.S. national average continues to move higher. The national average added 2.3 cents per gallon since last week, and stands at $3.63/gallon, or 12.1 cents per gallon higher than last year.

Areas of the East Coast have seen some of the worst pain in the last week- New Jersey and Delaware saw prices jump 9 cents per gallon, while Washington, Oregon, and Kentucky saw prices jump 7 cents per gallon.

The Rockies still hold on to some of the cheapest gasoline prices across the country this morning, with Utah at $3.35/gal, Montana at $3.38/gal, Idaho at $3.39/gal, New Mexico at $3.39/gal, and Wyoming at $3.40/gal.

Prices in Hawaii remain the highest- at $4.34/gal. California comes in at $4.21/gal, Illinois sits at $3.90/gal, Connecticut at $3.85/gal, and New York has jumped to $3.84/gal.

Prices in the Northeast will likely be the nation's hot spot this week with continued jumps in prices likely. Motorists in the Great Lakes will likely also see a price hike, although the timing isn't known yet- and that's due to a Thursday refinery glitch at BP's Whiting, IN refinery, and a glitch at ExxonMobil's Joliet refinery over the weekend.