While oil wells may not be spraying oil hundreds of feet into the air like they did nearly a century ago, oil production is booming in at least one part of America- North Dakota.

Perhaps North Dakota's state slogan should be changed to Ohio's old slogan: "So much to discover", because that's exactly what North Dakota is struggling with. There's so much new oil in North Dakota that pipelines and infrastructure to carry it to refineries are years away. Refineries in the Rockies are coming out ahead- way ahead- as are the motorists. Average gasoline prices today are the lowest of any state in that region, thanks to the brimming supply of Bakkan (North Dakotan) oil.

As recent as 2005, oil production in ND was a mere 83,000 barrels per day- not insignificant, nor shocking. Today, North Dakota is pumping nearly 550,000 barrels per day, a massive 563% rise in just seven years. North Dakota provides hope that other areas of oil can be developed in coming years, helping to give the U.S. more energy security than even Canada's Keystone XL pipeline can provide. That, and American jobs extracting the oil.

So many jobs are available in addition to thousands already filled that a website has been devoted to finding more people willing to move to ND, with the lure of six digit incomes for some folks. Indeed, the lifestyle may not be what you're used to- but there is hope, prosperity, and a future for workers who've relocated here.

Indeed the industry is booming so hard that even in the midst of a slow recession things are blooming in ND- highway travel in ND is up a massive 4.3% when a majority of states are seeing people driving less- and that big increase is due to all the activity and booming oil business.

So while Canada is putting pressure on the U.S. to build a massive new pipeline- I say- let's concentrate on America- keep it up in North Dakota, and elsewhere.