New Jersey residents have more to worry about besides politicians manufacturing 'traffic problems' as political retribution...

A new study says New Jersey residents pay the priciest insurance premiums in the nations and it's the state where drivers spend the most on policies in the U.S., according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

In the NAIC’s latest report on average auto insurance costs, the Garden State unseated last year’s leader (Louisiana) as the state with the highest combined premium, meaning the average price for a policy with liability, comprehensive and collision coverage, according to

Louisiana had been atop the NAIC’s premium listings for three years in the row until the most recent report, released last week.

The states with the highest average combined premiums were:
1.New Jersey: $1,301.52
2.Louisiana: $1,281.55
3.Washington, D.C.: $1,273.89
4.New York: $1,234.31
5.Florida: $1,160.13

The NAIC also reported states’ auto insurance expenditures (what a driver spends on a policy) and the listing of states with the highest expenditures nearly mirrored the listing of states with the highest premiums:
1.New Jersey: $1,183.95
2.Washington, D.C.: $1,138.03
3.Louisiana: $1,110.68
4.New York: $1,108.64
5.Florida: $1,090.65

The largest year-to-year premium increase was in Massachusetts, where the average combined premium jumped more than 5.6 percent. Florida had the second-largest increase with a year-to-year jump of more than 4 percent, followed by Michigan, where the average jumped by more than 3.5 percent.

The largest year-to-year premium decrease was in Arizona, where the combined average premium dropped by more than 3.5 percent, followed by Nevada, where the average dropped by 2.8 percent.