Gasoline prices took a breather in parts of the country this week, with some areas that had seen a slow rise in price rise more rapidly, while other areas, such as California and Florida took a respite from rising prices. The national average rose just four cents per gallon over the last week, coming in at $3.76/gallon.

So who were the big winners and losers, and what are we expecting this week at the pump? Below we'll lay out the winners, although I'm sure I'll get quite a few people correctly pointing out there aren't any winners when it comes to high gasoline prices...

Winners- areas that saw prices drop the most:
Maine, prices down 2.7c/gal in the last week
Vermont, prices down 2.4c/gal in the last week
Georgia, prices down 1.6c/gal in the last week
New Hampshire, prices down 1.3c/gal in the last week
Pennsylvania, prices down 1.0c/gal in the last week

You'll note that most of these areas are in the Northeast... you folks should really enjoy this while it lasts, because refinery closures could come back to haunt you in a few weeks.

The losers this week, that is areas that saw the biggest increases- the Rockies, which typically lag any movement in the national average:
Colorado, prices up 20.3c/gal in the last week
Alaska, prices up 15.2c/gal in the last week
Wyoming, prices up 13.9c/gal in the last week
South Dakota, prices up 13.0c/gal in the last week
Utah, prices up 12.2c/gal in the last week
Ohio, prices up 11.7c/gal in the last week
Idaho, prices up 11.6c/gal in the last week
Missouri, prices up 11.5c/gal in the last week

If you're a "winner" this week, you may be a loser next week, just like how Ohio State beat my team Michigan, then fell to the Spartans yesterday. There'll be more where that came from too, Ohio State fans.