American motorists delight- is this the year we break tradition? Six out of the last seven years we've seen the national average increase an average of ten cents per gallon between Christmas and January 15, but so far this year, we've seen virtually no change in the national average.

According to GasBuddy data, the national average currently stands at $3.264, rising a mere 3 cents since bottoming out before Christmas. The question then becomes, will we officially buck that trend for 2013? It appears possible. However, it also appears that gasoline prices are rising today in the Great Lakes, and that may push the national average higher, but still, the fact remains is that gasoline prices remain subdued entering 2013.

The good news continues, at least temporarily- GasBuddy data shows that 36 states have lower gasoline prices today than they did a year ago, with some states seeing prices nearly 10% lower than where they were a year ago.

The cheapest regions in the country remain the Rockies, and with today's price hikes, the Great Lakes may no longer be another low priced leader. In addition, the Gulf Coast region is also seeing relatively low prices. Meanwhile, the Northeast continues to miss out on the good times speaking comparatively as inventories remain tight there.

In the week ahead, look for the national average to remain virtually unchanged. It may rise slightly, but don't expect to be blown away at the pump just yet.