Unlike the crazy fluctuations in air temperatures, gasoline prices have held much more steady over the last week in the U.S. while falling slightly in Canada.

"While gasoline prices have seemingly remained virtually unchanged in many areas across the U.S. in the last week, that has meant that some areas are still seeing prices remain much lower than a year ago," said GasBuddy.com Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan.

The U.S. national average has increased less than a penny over the last week, with the Canadian average falling less than a penny a litre over the same time period.

Gasoline prices typically are more stable in the coldest months as demand wanes and Americans drive less. As temperatures warm and Americans return outdoors, gasoline demand picks up, and supply constraints can pose problems and push gasoline prices up.

"Gasoline prices in the Rockies generally remain under their year ago levels, with the lowest price in the country in Laramie, Wyoming, where gasoline has plunged to $2.35/gallon. The national average now lags prices one year ago by 9-cents per gallon, which is a more optimistic start to the year than I would have expected," DeHaan said.

Over the next week, we're expecting virtually carbon copy of this week, with gasoline prices remaining virtually unchanged. The exception will be some regions, most notably the Great Lakes where gasoline prices reverberate constantly no matter what the situation.