As the second polar vortex grips much of the nation, gas prices have remained quiet with little change in the national average. As we tiptoe toward the end of January, it does appear that won't hold much longer.

As the stock market fell last week, oil prices advanced for much of the last week, and with it, wholesale gasoline prices moved up across parts of the country, which will likely lead to a slight uptick at the pump this week across the nation.

Montana maintained it's title for cheapest gasoline in the last week, but crossed back over $3/gal, rising to $3.01/gallon. Oklahoma was #2 with an average price of $3.04/gal, and Arkansas was third, with $3.05/gal average.

Just four major cities feature averages under $3/gal: Billings, MT, Lubbock, TX, Amarillo, TX, and Tulsa, OK. And by next week we could see one less city under the $3/gal mark.

For much of the nation, this week will feature steady or a slight rise in prices, while in the Great Lakes a price hike isn't out of the possibility later in the week. Stay tuned to our Facebook or Twitter for price hike warnings!