There's pretty good odds you woke up this morning and heard that it was bone-chilling cold outside. Everything seems to be frozen- your car, your body, and one that might be a bit weird to think about this way- gas prices.

The national average was the exact same as it was a week ago, after oil prices relinquished their gains and fell last week closer to $94/bbl. Sure, not everyone saw their prices freeze, but certainly many are seeing some stability at the pump. I've sure seen it here too- my local gas station hasn't budged a penny in the last week. The only activity this morning was dozens of people in the store filling up with hot beverages.

Montana and Oklahoma continue to have the nation's lowest gas prices, sitting barely above $3 a gallon at $3.005/gal. Four cities now are seeing averages back under $3: Tulsa, Billings, Amarillo, and Albuquerque. Honolulu takes the cake this week, but remains under $4/gal, averaging $3.88/gal.

And this week I won't expect much change in prices either. Gasoline demand will likely take a hit as Americans stay inside, seeking refuge from temperatures well below zero across the country. Gasoline prices may ultimately see downward pressure because of the weather keeping Americans off the roads when possible.

Stay warm out there!