For the third consecutive week, the national average is looking at a downward trend across much of the U.S.- prices countrywide now stand an average of 12c/gal below their peak of $3.68/gal on June 27.
Gas prices now stand lower on many comparative metrics: lower than yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, and down 11c/gal versus a year ago. Compared to last week Monday, just two states are seeing prices higher, Ohio stands 2.6c/gal higher than last Monday, and Indiana stands 3.1c/gal higher than last week, thanks to price cycling behavior in those states that sees prices go very low only to rebound slightly.
Across the rest of the nation, the biggest weekly drops were seen in:
  1. Minnesota, down 9.8c/gal
  2. Kentucky, down 7.8c/gal
  3. Illinois, down 7.6c/gal
  4. Kansas, down 7.5c/gal
  5. Oklahoma, down 7.2c/gal
States with the smallest drops in price:
  1. Colorado, down 0.4c/gal
  2. Utah, down 0.8c/gal
  3. Wyoming, down 1.2c/gal
  4. Idaho, down 1.4c/gal
  5. Arizona, down 2.0c/gal
Today's most common price across the U.S. stands at $3.499, 10c/gal lower than a year ago. Today, just 5.5% of gas stations across the U.S. report prices over $4/gal, while a month ago, it was 8.5% of stations.
Motorists can look forward to gently declining prices again this week with many areas across the U.S. seeing prices tick lower, albeit at a slightly slower rate. Be sure to use the GasBuddy app to stretch your vacation dollars!